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Bracken was developed with the desire to rapidly create online learning modules that were content and feature rich.

Subject-matter experts needed an environment where they could author modules without the need of programmer intervention. Bracken is an intuitive, feature rich environment that is focused on cost effectively delivering resources that engage learners.

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Video based review, feedback and sharing for all.

Siliconcoach products will greatly enhance the quality of feedback you give and receive which will translate into accelerated improvement.

Our range of software is simple to use and makes the process of video review, feedback and sharing engaging and enjoyable.

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Helping you engage with your customers in a meaningful way.

Dialed In Motion products evolved out of our sports analysis software. While this software was ideal for coaches it soon became clear to us it was not the right fit for retail.

Dialed In Motion products are specifically designed for bike fitting and sport shoe fitting.

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Specializing in helping Orthotic and Prosthetic professionals to use video to enhance their business

Prosthetic and Orthotic PnO Data Solutions is a company dedicated to helping Orthotic and Prosthetic professionals quickly and easily document, collaborate, and justify their clinical decisions.

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Arinui is a school-wide appraisal tool that is based in New Zealand.

It allows teachers to critically reflect on their teaching practice in a safe, secure online place. Once compiled, evidence can be seamlessly shared with an appraiser.

Teachers can focus on reflecting on their teaching and making a real difference to their students' learning.

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At The Tarn Group, we are fortunate enough to have a team that can come together to find the best solutions to problems, working with a diverse range of professionals all over the world to make a positive difference in people's lives while still retaining our roots in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Advancing digital education

With the steady growth of our online learning platform, Bracken, The Tarn Group, has become a leader in digital education. Serving initially as educational support for our video analysis clients, Bracken has put successful online education within reach for clients across multiple sectors.

To date, we have helped 45 organisations transform their business, while still helping sports improve their performance.

A new name for a bigger future

After a successful decade and a half as Siliconcoach, our accomplishments stretched far beyond the sporting sector. We felt that this change was important to recognise and rebranded as The Tarn Group.

Our brand tells our story elegantly; as a tarn is a catchment of water that nourishes its environment, we are a collection of ideas, knowledge and experience that make a positive difference through innovation.

Building great partnerships

Promoting positive change through collaboration, The Tarn Group has successfully partnered with a number of inspiring companies to create effective products that seamlessly fit into the lives of their customers.

Our growing list of partners include Education Technology, Evaluation Associates and Vault Intel.

Improving the experience

The application of video analysis soon grew to reach beyond improving athlete performance.

Dialed in Motion and PnO Data Solutions were formed in response to industry experts in athletics and prosthetics seeking to develop tailored video solutions to aid in the fitting and proper use of equipment.

The power of video analysis

The Tarn Group originally formed by Joe Morrison as Siliconcoach, aimed to help athletes identify areas for improvement in their performance with a cutting-edge video-analysis tool.


Meet the Team

Dan Thomas
Marketing Executive
Felicity McKergow
Project Manager
Lauren Perry
Instructional Designer
Philip Schlup
Software Development Manager
Cara Negri
PnO Data Solutions Director (USA)
David Templeton
Richard Fogarty
Business Development Manager
Steve Stanley
Business Development Manager
Andrew Wood
Senior Software Developer
Abby Bent
Marketing Writer
Derek Elliott
Gary Wilkins
Software Developer
Jonathan Flavel
Nabeelah Saib
User Experience Champion
Nevin Davie
UI/UX Designer

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